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Is your loft losing you money?

Updated: Jan 5

One of the key findings of the 2023 Leaky Homes Roadshow in Redhill and Reigate was that over half the homes we surveyed did not have sufficient loft insulation. The recommended depth of insulation is a minimum of 270 mm.

In an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat can be lost through your roof. According to The Energy Saving Trust, installing loft insulation could save you between £225 to £415 per year, depending on the type of property. You would also save up to a whopping 1000 Kg of CO2 emissions.

Thanks to funding from UK Power Networks, EARR can now offer access to loft insulation at a heavily subsidised rate. This offer is open to households who receive a home energy survey through the Leaky Homes Roadshow.

If you currently don't have loft insulation, or your insulation is 100 mm or less, then we can provide up to 6 rolls of 200 mm thick insulation (covering 34m2 - an average semi-detached). The RRP is £26/roll, but thanks to UKPN we can offer the following:

  • Council Tax Bands A-D - 6 rolls free of charge

  • Council Tax Bands E-F - £10/roll

  • Council Tax Bands G-I - £20/roll

To find out more about the Leaky Homes Roadshow, how to book your survey and access loft insulation click below

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