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Leaky Homes Loft Upgrade Offer

Updated: Apr 24

Did you know ...

  • around a quarter of heat is lost through your roof in an uninsulated home

The recommended minimum loft insulation is 270 mm (around 11 inches). However, a third of homes with lofts have less than 125 mm. This is one of the most common heat loss areas that we have identified during our energy surveys, in particular in homes that are over 30 years old.

The good news ...

Adding loft insulation is a simple step to take to make your home warmer. If you are reasonably fit and have access to your loft, then you can install loft insulation yourself.

There is plenty of guidance available online, from instruction booklets to videos. We have included some links at the bottom of the page.

The Even Better News ...

EARR can provide up to 6 rolls of loft insulation free of charge* to eligible households in East Surrey. This offer is possible thanks to funding from UK Power Networks. The criteria is simple:

  • Your home currently has less than150mm loft insulation

  • There is access to your loft to install loft insulation

*The offer is free of charge to households in council tax bands A to D.

If you are in council tax band E or F you can receive loft insulation at £10 per roll (RRP £31/roll). If you are in council tax band G+ you can receive loft insulation at £20 per roll.

To access this offer, please request a loft check. This will take around 30 minutes and involve one of our Energy Champions visiting your home. We will take a look at your loft to make sure it is suitable for loft insulation. We can also provide other small energy-efficiency items to help keep your home warm and save money.

Click on the button below to go to the booking form or visit our Loft Upgrade page for more information and to see specific dates we are in your area:


Links to further loft resources:

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